KanDo and OBX Associates agree a partnership to market their SOLARIUM product in Ireland

KanDo has agreed to partner with OBX Associates to launch OBX’s Solarium product in Europe.

OBX is developing a line of ergonomic products for gastroenterology, starting with Solarium, which is designed to simplify R/L dial manipulation. Solarium not only extends the small R/L dial, but also brings it into the same plane as the large U/D dial. In doing so, Solarium reduces the strain caused to the thumbs in most gastroenterology endoscopies, including colonoscopies. With a larger dial, the reduced torque required to rotate the dials further helps in reducing hand fatigue for physicians who perform multiple colonoscopies a day.

Mickey Ramchandani, CEO OBX Associates said “We are delighted to be partnering with KanDo Medical to bring this exciting new product to the market in Europe. Repetitive strain injury of the thumb is a frequent problem among Endoscopists from constant manipulation of the smaller and further R/L dial. Solarium is our first product launch providing a solution to help Endoscopists in their daily work. With KanDo we plan to bring SOLARIUM to clinicians across Europe, starting in Ireland”.


About OBX Associates:

OBX Associates is a medical device powerhouse, with 50 years of collective experience in medical research, development, regulatory, commercialization and strategic management. OBX take an idea, build a recognizable brand, oversee manufacturing and commercialization, and drive sales and clinician adoption.

For further information on SOLARIUM, please visit: https://www.obx-associates.com/solarium